What is Important to Have in a Lease?

You have just moved from one older house to a new one that you love, you have the perfect renters ready to move into the old house, you just need to draw up the lease. While you should run the lease by a lawyer or another professional before having anyone sign it, you should also be clear about what you want in the lease, because this document does not just say how much they will be paying for living in your house, but it also dictates to a certain degree their behavior in the house. Here are a few things that you may want to consider while writing up the lease.

The lease describes which party will take care of raking the leaves, pulling weeds and otherwise keeping the landscaping clean. If you are willing to do it, or hire someone else to do it, you may want to charge a little more for rent. This is not something that has to be something the landlord does, and may actually be something required of the tenant in order to keep living there.

The lease describes which party will shovel snow, salt and spread gravel on the driveway steps and walk. This can prevent a major lawsuit if there is no confusion as to who is responsible for this. If it is not designated the owner should assume the responsibility and should not be surprised to get a call if it starts snowing. This is also something you can charge more for if you are willing to take it on however.

It will seem distrusting, but the lease must contract the renters to abide by all laws, including those that govern noise levels, and illegal behavior such as drug use. If they are not contracted to abide by the laws the home owner could be held responsible for any and all legal issues resulting from their negligence.

There are other things you will want on the lease, but these are the ones that most people forget. If you are looking over the lease and decide that these duties may be a little too much responsibility you don’t have to give up the idea of renting out all together. If you are willing to pay them a percentage of the rent, you can find one of the best professionals in town to take care of it. Usually the duties include taking care of all expenses, take care of collecting rent, hiring people to fix anything that needs maintenance, and a number of other duties that you would have had to take care of as the property manager, including getting new renters in if your perfect renters decide to leave at any time.