What Companies Tweet About

If your business is new to Twitter and is wondering what in the world to Tweet about, you are not alone. Personal tweets seem obvious; people share whatever is on their mind. Companies, however, have to be more careful. They want to engage their audience, but they don’t want to offend them, insult them, or turn them off by only sharing promotional tweets.

A good way to start is to do some research ahead of time. Look at what other companies are doing with their Twitter profiles and analyze how that is working for them. Companies that share information and tips about their industry, such as Elixir Interactive tweets about reputation management, are going to be more popular than those that rely on telling their followers how great their company is.

Here are a few things that companies may want to cover in their tweets:

  1. Announcements of special events, product releases, and promotions (note: these should not be the only thing that appears in tweets, but should be sprinkled in naturally)
  2. Retweets of important or interesting tweets from other people in the same industry.
  3. Short tips and insights about their industry.
  4. Links to videos, blog posts, and other media that are useful or thought provoking. These may by produced/written by the company or by other respected sources.
  5. Amusing anecdotes or stories.
  6. Teasers about upcoming releases of products or status reports on projects.
  7. Invitations to participate in beta testing or promotional research.
  8. Discount codes.
  9. Outright giveaways.
  10. Contest announcements.
  11. Inspirational quotes.

In short, companies can tweet about the same things that individuals do. They just need to be aware of the overall tone and image they are projecting.