Traveling the British Empire

Not so long ago, in terms of the history of the planet a mere nanosecond, the sun didn’t set on the British Empire . That such a small island could dominate so much of the globe was a testament to the tenacity and ferocious ambition of the British people and their leaders. Today, the British Empire is smaller and more complicated. What were once outright subjects of the British Crown are now self-governing entities with complex ties to Britain. It is, however, still possible to traverse great parts of the globe without leaving what is now or once was British soil.

Great chunks of North America was once under British rule. Any old US and canada map will show British colonies through much of the eastern coast and moving innland. Canada remains under the influence of Britain, though there are also many Anglophiles across the US too.

Moving further west from Britain is the continent-country of Australia. Colonized as a British penal colony, an australia map will show the extensive influence of British rule in the names of cities, states, and towns. India is another place that has strong associations with British names. This has been countered in the last decade or so as the government has worked to rename places to their older, historic names that predate British colonization. There are still many forts, castles, and state monuments left over from British rule spread across the subcontinent.