Top Shopping Apps for the Holidays

With the implosion of technology, shopping for the holidays has become much easier. Now you can compare prices in stores simply by scanning the barcode of a product and even be notified of upcoming sales with the use of an application that you download to your smart device. With so many applications it can be difficult to determine which ones to use and which ones are worth the download. Below is a list of the top three applications you don’t want to be without while doing your holiday shopping.

Must Have Apps for Shopping

Here are the top three applications that will help eliminate the hassle that can follow you around.

  • Red Laser – Looking for the lowest price on that must-have toy of the year? Red Laser can help you by either scanning the barcode of the item and finding out who near you has it for the lowest cost, or even by doing a search for a specific item. One of the best features of this application is the fact that you can use it to store all of your loyalty cards. If you leave them at home, no need to fret, all of your information is right within the app.
  • Sale Sorter – Don’t leave home without downloading this app. If you are looking for the best sales in your local stores, this app will clue you in. If you can’t make it to the store today, no need to be bummed. All you have to do is click the notify button and this app will let you know when the sales are occurring at your favorite stores again.
  • SnapTell – Looking for a video game, book, CD or DVD this holiday season? Simply take a picture of the item you are looking for and this app will use its image recognition software to locate the item for you – both online and in stores near your home. Finding the newest release has never been so easy.

Technology only continues to simplify our lives – if you have an iPad, iPhone or any Google Android device, you can download the above apps for free and help make your holiday shopping experience easier than ever!

TJ Lewis is a popular tech blogger who loves writing about all the latest gadgets and software.  TJ’s writing has appeared on various news sites,  tech blogs and financial sites.