The Decision to Build a Pool

Deciding to build a pool is a major commitment. It shouldn’t be an idle thought or passing fancy. Homeowners need to carefully consider many different factors before committing to what amounts to a major contruction project.

The most important question is whether you really want or need a pool. Knowing from the start why you want it and what you will use it for will make choosing size, design, location, and other features much easier. It will also help with determining the budget, as only you will know how much the intended functions of the pool are worth to you.

Next you need to consider whether you can afford to have your property and your life disrupted for the months it may take to complete the project. When estimating the actual time needed, you’ll want to take into account the design period, allow for inspection times, and then add some extra time on the end to cover unexpected delays, which are a standard part of construction projects.

Another important consideration is how you will maintain the pool and surrounding features once it’s installed. Maintenance requires both time and money, even if you hire someone to do it for you.

Once you’ve come to terms with all these factors, then it’s time to start investigating Dallas pool builders and actually begin your pool project.