Technology of Solar Power

Solar generated power is growing in popularity as a alternative source of energy . Businesses and individuals all over the country are converting buildings and homes to solar power. It is even be used in experiments in agriculture and by utility companies. Anyone who is interested in switching their home to solar power will need to do some research first.

Understanding how solar panels work and the basics of how they are installed in a home is a good way to start the research process. The best decision is an informed decision and solar energy may not be right for everyone. However, there are lots of incentives out there right now to encourage homeowners to switch to solar. That’s the second state of research.

Home owners that feel that solar power is a good option for saving money and investing in their home value should next investigate if there are any tax credits or rebates available for installing solar power systems. For example, there are a number of California solar rebates available, depending on which utility area a residence is in. The best place to find out about incentives is to check with a local power company or contact the state energy department or commission.

The final step is researching the various companies available to do the work and the specific system to be be installed. The latter will likely need to meet certain standards in order to qualify for rebates or other incentives. Home owners can work with their solar installer to choose the best system for their home within program guidelines.

Peggy Younge is “mommy blogger” with a mission to empower women to handle traditionally masculine tasks like car repair and home maintenance.  She writes about topics like saving energy and understanding HVAC on sites such as Virginia Beach Heating and Cooling as well as on her own blog.