Small Business Consumer Information and Data Research

As if there aren’t enough troubling factors with running your own business, managing your data can be one of the most frustrating. This is due not only to the various system issues, but also due to a lack of understanding how important quality data management really is. The demographic background information on your consumer base, activity levels and anticipation of future needs are just some of the areas in which quality data management tools are useful. And a basic example of this is scene in the smallest personal business structure, whether you sale Avon from your home or hot dogs on the street. Of course the following situations serve as a microcosmic example for larger and more complicated business structures, and the point here is to stress that data analysis and management applies to business tools for companies of all sizes and fields.

Mobile applications are an excellent resource for all businesses, whether you’re one of the technology partners, or a local start up. Major corporations have marketing tools and professional resources that most private business owners, frequently known as sole proprietorships, simply don’t have. And solid research into their consumer base and target customer areas are already in place well before the time they become the mega conglomerate that takes over a field. However, even the individual who invests in that hot dog cart considers where their largest potential customer base will be located. For instance, positioning themselves outside of the biggest arts and crafts fair in a city gives them a much better chance for success than setting up on the corner of the well-known vegan neighborhood. In addition, there are other zoning elements to consider, such as special licenses or permits that might be necessary for certain areas or events. The costs of these will interact with the difference in sales numbers. Sometimes a smaller area, such as a downtown street that is well known for its lunch our walking traffic, versus outside the local sports arena, is the better choice.

And while major mobile applications are not likely going to be a need for this small time hot dog vender, a general idea of the consumer base and local traffic flows is important. And a mobile application can come in handy here too. For instance, an application that displays daily specials, or reminds someone that you’re serving a particular place a particular time, and maybe even creating their ideal hot dog on their phone, can greatly increase your daily sales. Technology and its business aspects and tools is not just for major companies or corporations. Understanding your resources and using them to your advantage can maximize your profits and success potential regardless of your size, service or product offerings.

Suzie Anderson is a popular guest blogger with a background in business and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). In addition to travel, she has written extensively on sales tracking, travel lead management, and all aspects of customer relations.