Miami and Carl Fisher

There are few places in the world that are quite like Miami. It’s a city with a heartbeat that is very much its own, and it seems to produce icons as quickly as the state produces citrus. Every day there is another celebrity story that makes people want to come here. Its reputation is due, in part, to the drive of entrepreneur Carl Fisher , who invented Miami Beach.

This famous area, separated from the city by Biscayne Bay, is one of the places with the most fascinating resort energy in the state. Its past and present are able to muster up a public enthusiasm that brings people to the best Miami golf resorts year after year. It’s also less than a hundred years old.

Fisher was one of those old-school opportunists who was driven by a hundred forms of inspiration, and liked to see possibility in everything. He set a standard for other entrepreneurs with stunts like flying himself over cities in a car supported by a hot air balloon. No publicity was bad publicity, and when he saw Miami, he saw another opportunity.

To some people, it was just swamp land. To him, there was an open opportunity that he just couldn’t resist. He quickly went to work, constructing an area that would be known for recreation, relaxation and leisure. The heady combination of fun and sun was an immediate success, and it started a roller coaster that’s still moving fast to this day.