Las Vegas’ Afghan Raiders

In the world of electronica, Las Vegas is well-positioned to play home base to some of the next big things on the scene. It’s already established itself with the Afghan Raiders, whose complex and distorted beats keep the locals enjoying themselves in various states of musical bliss.

The reasons for this duo’s popularity comes in large part due to their enormous talent and passion for the music they play. There are some circumstances in the city that have made it very much of a hospitable place for their own kind of music, however, and this is exciting to think about for the city’s future. Visitors have always been able to enjoy the varieties of local music without venturing too far away from the famous resorts that are in the center of the action.

But more frequently, word is getting out that some of the more remote spaces are offering very interesting work. This is helping to bring audiences that are not only local, but often involve guests from all over the world. It helps to build a music scene, where the word can be spread through the usual channels, as well as virtual places, like myspace, where bands can give people a chance to hear their tunes wherever they might be.