Great Pizza in Rome, Italy

Of all the things there are to do and see when a person visits the city of Rome, Italy, guess what one of the most common items on the agendas from people around the world happens to be. Most people who visit Rome want to visit Vatican City with the Sistine Chapel and of course the various other famous historical landmarks and city icons, and in-between stops they all want to enjoy a piece of pizza pie. It’s true, maybe not every single person, but the majority of people who visit Rome want to try the pizza while they are there.

And luckily for all of those people, there are plenty of pizza places located in the city of Rome. In fact, it might even be considered one of the staple foods of the community, of course that’s not meant to be a surprise. Baffetto is one of the great little corner cafes that offers incredible pizza and other offerings. The menu includes a great appetizer list with a diverse collection of options. From the cold vegetables buffet to the dried salt beef, rocket, parmesan cheese, there are numerous options in-between. The pizzas are also numerous and diverse in offerings and are incredibly popular with residents and tourists alike.

The Calzonis are also popular and are a frequent alternative to pizza. In addition to all of the pizza and Calzoni offerings, Bafetto has an extensive entrée menu that includes all kinds of pasta with sauces as well as lasagna dishes, gnocchi, ravioli and more and that’s not even including all of the meat based second courses that are also part of the extensive menu. Beef, chicken, lamb and sausage dishes are only the beginning of everything they serve. And of course the menu wouldn’t be complete without equally extensive and enticing desert options. And yes, there is tiramisu on their menu.