Go Gothic in Las Vegas

It’s one of the most exciting cities to visit, and one of the nicest places to spend the night. The five star accommodations Vegas can boast are certainly impressive, and hard to forget. The city is also one of the most popular places to get married when couples are under a certain romantic spell. For some, the idea of getting hitched in Vegas is more due to a lack of common sense than anything that Cupid might have in store. For others, a wedding is a wedding is a wedding, and it doesn’t matter where or how, as long as it happens. And for others still, it’s a performance.

The latter category are the ones who usually have the most fun in the city, because it means that having a sense of humor about even the most serious decisions is possible in this day and age. So many things in Las Vegas are a performance, too, with plenty of instances of live entertainment, coupled with a heightened performance of what people on vacation act like. So, in that regard, getting married here is a perfect choice, and the more spur of the moment, perhaps, the better.

For those who have been through an Elvis wedding already, or just feel past that for one reason or another, there are lots of options. These days, holding a Goth Wedding in Vegas is not only possible, it’s also a little popular, too.

It might seem a little odd that couples are thinking about getting married wearing black clothes, with vampire themes. However, for most people who look into it, it’s only surprising to find that their idea is not so original. There are perhaps some good reasons why a goth wedding would be something popular enough to be featured. The popularity of vampires, zombies, and anything creepy is definitely on the upswing. The cultural reasons for that are complex as any fairy tale. Then there are also the links between eros and thanatos, love and death, that go back very far into a collective past.

That this collective past might culminate in Las Vegas is an interesting idea, and one that’s also almost as troubling as a goth wedding. But it’s also a lot of fun.