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Create a Web Presence for Your Business

Posted March 21, 2018 By Richard Leo

With the growth and increased influence of social media in our world today, the most-effective advertising strategy that businesses, old and new should consider is having a presence on the web.

Think of this, there are over 6 billion people on Facebook alone and the other social media platforms have massive figures on them as well.

This shows that the leads market is currently on social media and businesses that take their brands online to connect with these leads will have a better chance of growing their reach and subsequently, their income, all things being equal.

Whether your company is … Read the rest

Customer Complaints and Social Media

Posted April 29, 2013 By Richard Leo

What role does social media play in customer complaints management?  Well, rather a big one!!  People are voicing their opinions online, often through social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.  If it’s a problem say with your product or the service they receive then that’s bad enough.  But there’s the added complication that this complaint is often shared amongst their entire community which could add up to a lot of people.  Hold on though it does not stop there!!  People receiving the information can reshare the information amongst their own friends.  Before you know it the original complaint has been … Read the rest

File Size Matters

Posted November 30, 2011 By Richard Leo

We have all been there: you spend hours crafting the perfect presentation, finish merely minutes before the important deadline, and then realize that your file is too big to fit into an email. Unless you have a teleporter and a readily-available portable hard drive, this is a situation you do not want to find yourself in.

These days, many businesses revolve around large electronic files which they need to access and share. Presentations, reports, and website media content are usually guilty of being too large for e-mails. When time is of the essence, an efficient business would highly benefit from … Read the rest

Small Business Consumer Information and Data Research

Posted November 20, 2011 By Richard Leo

As if there aren’t enough troubling factors with running your own business, managing your data can be one of the most frustrating. This is due not only to the various system issues, but also due to a lack of understanding how important quality data management really is. The demographic background information on your consumer base, activity levels and anticipation of future needs are just some of the areas in which quality data management tools are useful. And a basic example of this is scene in the smallest personal business structure, whether you sale Avon from your home or hot dogs … Read the rest

India’s $99 Android Tablet

Posted August 28, 2011 By Richard Leo

For years tech companies in India have been claiming that they could one day produce a $100 tablet computer suitable for consumers — something powerful and useful — and it looks like that day has finally come. In fact, Lakshmi Access Communication Systems or LACS, makers of India’s affordable Android tablet have even beat out that previous $100 price goal by a whole dollar. According to After Dawn, the device will be called the Magnum Pepper Tablet, which certainly isn’t the best name, and will have 3G, Wi-Fi, 4GB of internal memory, a 4.3 inch display, and will all run … Read the rest

What Companies Tweet About

Posted April 4, 2011 By Richard Leo

If your business is new to Twitter and is wondering what in the world to Tweet about, you are not alone. Personal tweets seem obvious; people share whatever is on their mind. Companies, however, have to be more careful. They want to engage their audience, but they don’t want to offend them, insult them, or turn them off by only sharing promotional tweets.

A good way to start is to do some research ahead of time. Look at what other companies are doing with their Twitter profiles and analyze how that is working for them. Companies that share information and … Read the rest

Working for a Bank or Broker

Posted February 20, 2011 By Richard Leo

There are many different types of financial institutions; banks, credit unions, lending agencies, brokers. Being a loan officer at any of these institutions will require a lot of hard work; however some may be better than others.

Most banks have fairly high standards when it comes to who they will grant loans to. Smaller banks will be more selective than larger chain banks that have considerably more financing. As a loan officer there will probably be pretty strict guidelines to follow; however, in most cases there is more stability. That is usually the first place that people will stop when … Read the rest

How to Be a Successful Entrepreneur

Posted October 10, 2010 By Richard Leo

Being a successful entrepreneur means different things to different people. For some it is following through on an idea, while others define it as accomplishing a set of goals. No matter how you define it, success is in the eye of the achiever. There are, however, a few things that you can do to reach success, no matter your definition is.
Running your own business is hard work, whether you start it from scratch or as a branch off of a larger company like Southwestern Company . Even though it may be difficult at times, it is important to maintain … Read the rest

Professional Development in Hollywood

Posted January 24, 2010 By Richard Leo

The film industry might seem glitzy and glam, but a lot of the things that you do for professional development are the same in film. You must be tenacious and open to knew experiences, which in corporations could be executive training and in film could vampire Westerns.

The part about being tenacious is true too. You cannot let the fact that your promotion to manager or director went to another person. Liam Neeson was up for the part of Doctor Van Helsing in Bram Stoker’s Dracula, but the role went to Anthony Hopkins instead because he was an it boy … Read the rest