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Hi-Tech Race Cars: Old and New

Posted September 23, 2013 By Richard Leo

There was a time at the beginning of race car driving when race cars where simply cars and drivers wore little more than goggles and gloves.  The newest technology was the cars themselves.  Obviously a lot has changed over the last century and increases in technology have improved car performance as well as driver safety.

Modern race cars may look low-tech on the outside but a quick peek inside will prove otherwise.  Roll cages, centralized seating, camera monitoring systems are just a few of the features that give modern race cars an edge over traditional road cars.  They are also … Read the rest

Tech in New Cars: A Modern Selling Feature

Posted August 12, 2013 By Richard Leo

While engineers continue to make dramatic improvements to automobiles in terms of performance capabilities and safety features, thanks to advances in mobile and information technology, the driving experience has never been better. In fact, the tech in new cars today is so innovative and advanced, you may be surprised by the automation and convenience they provide.

Enhancing the Driving Experience

Of course, many of the technological improvements and options that have been manufactured in recent years are designed to enhance the driving experience and promote safety. For example, thanks to GPS printed road maps, which can be difficult and unsafe … Read the rest

The Age of the Compu-RaceCar

Posted February 16, 2013 By Richard Leo

The days of Knight Rider are finally here—cars have gotten to the point that they are almost entirely computer controlled.  Take your average Jaguar, which has computer controlled fuel injection, anti-lock brakes, suspension, ignition, timing, climate control, and entertainment.  With a little more effort, it wouldn’t even need a driver!  Speaking of, Google has been operating driver-less cars for over a year now.  All of this tech in cars hasn’t just affected civilian models, either.  Modern Formula 1 cars are chock-full of computers, and they’re changing racing as we know it.

F1 steering computerBut having computers control the car is one thing, … Read the rest

Springsteen and a Turning Technology

Posted January 9, 2012 By Richard Leo

It isn’t that the basic construction of an engine has changed very much in the past twenty years, but something else entirely unexpected that has made the world of cars a very different place to be.  Anyone who grew up on Springsteen would relate instantly to the appeal of the idea of an afternoon spent getting your hands covered in grease.  If your buddy happens to miscalculate something essential, or even worse, forget the order of parts when taking something apart, so much the better, because that’s the stuff that childhood dreams get made on.  This is the heart of … Read the rest

Benefits and Importance of Car Repair Manuals

Posted May 19, 2010 By Richard Leo

Everyone who owns an automobile is guaranteed to encounter a repair issue with it as some point. Of course the only exception to this is the rare individual who sells their vehicle and buys a new one every year, though that, if it actually even exits, doesn’t even guarantee that your car will not experience some kind of trouble while you own it. Even people who lease their vehicles encounter repair issues. The fact that all vehicles will need to be repaired at some point is just one of the obvious aspects of ownership. This does not mean that everyone … Read the rest

Reconsidering the Tire Tread Penny Test

Posted February 26, 2010 By Richard Leo

For many years the penny test has been used as device to help gauge the wear of tires. This has come in handy for those considering that it may be time to purchase new BF Goodrich tires for their cars and pickup trucks. The way it works is that a penny is inserted into the tread of the tire with Abraham Lincoln’s head facing the tire. If the tread reached the top of his head, the tires were considered to be safe. However, the tires were in need of replacement if the tread was worn too much to reach Lincoln’s … Read the rest