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Suburbs in Southern California

Posted November 11, 2010 By Richard Leo

When most people think about Southern California suburbs , they imagine Orange County and other LA suburbs. These communities thrive on their proximity to Los Angeles and access to valuable beach real estate. What most people don’t consider is the existence of other suburbs with just as much to offer, but which are lesser known and, therefore likely to be more affordable.

Those willing to look a little further south will find that La Jolla is just such a place. The real estate market here is full not just of beautiful homes to buy, but also great la jolla rentals … Read the rest

Bad Credit Can Affect Your Ability to Buy a Car

Posted November 1, 2010 By Richard Leo

It seems obvious, but for many it is still a difficult lesson to learn. Credit history can seriously impede your ability to purchase a car, new or used. This is because auto loans use many of the same criteria as mortgage and other personal loans.

Lenders will look carefully at your history of obtaining and paying off debt as well as how much current debt you’re carrying in relation to the total credit available to you. They will also look at how much you earn and are projected to earn during the term of the loan. Lastly, they will examine … Read the rest