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Benefits and Importance of Car Repair Manuals

Posted May 19, 2010 By Richard Leo

Everyone who owns an automobile is guaranteed to encounter a repair issue with it as some point. Of course the only exception to this is the rare individual who sells their vehicle and buys a new one every year, though that, if it actually even exits, doesn’t even guarantee that your car will not experience some kind of trouble while you own it. Even people who lease their vehicles encounter repair issues. The fact that all vehicles will need to be repaired at some point is just one of the obvious aspects of ownership. This does not mean that everyone … Read the rest

Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens in London

Posted May 13, 2010 By Richard Leo

The city of London is a city of parks and plays, known for its West End Theatre, a tradition extending centuries into the past when Shakespeare once walked the streets and performed at the Globe Theatre. That tradition has continued to the present day with the West End and its Fringe theatres (equivalent to Broadway and Off-Broadway in the United States). While Paris is known for its parks, London, too, has a variety of places to escape the press of the city, including Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens. Taken together the two spaces, side by side, form an amazing … Read the rest