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Car Title Loan or Payday Loan

Posted March 31, 2010 By Richard Leo

Many of us have seen the ads on television promoting loans for people with bad credit or no credit as no problem. We have also seen the neon signs in cash advance stores advertising title loans and payday loans. As we are bombarded daily with these various types of loans, it is easy to get confused. For anyone contemplating this type loan it is important to understand the differences in these loans before you make any decisions.

A car title loan is very much like it sounds. In order to receive the loan you sign over the title to your … Read the rest

What is Important to Have in a Lease?

Posted March 29, 2010 By Richard Leo

You have just moved from one older house to a new one that you love, you have the perfect renters ready to move into the old house, you just need to draw up the lease. While you should run the lease by a lawyer or another professional before having anyone sign it, you should also be clear about what you want in the lease, because this document does not just say how much they will be paying for living in your house, but it also dictates to a certain degree their behavior in the house. Here are a few things … Read the rest

Chopsticks Etiquette for Asian Cuisine

Posted March 21, 2010 By Richard Leo

Have you ever wondered what the table etiquette is for chopsticks ? Well, it depends on which country you are dining in. For non-Asian countries, the universal approach of what not to do consists of the following: One should not play with the chopsticks, use them to stab food, leave them in the rice bowl standing straight up (except at funerals) or use them to move bowls or plates.

China invented the chopsticks during the Shang Dynasty. Up until its invention people were using their hands to eat. These little sticks have proven the test of time and are admired … Read the rest