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Great Pizza in Rome, Italy

Posted February 27, 2010 By Richard Leo

Of all the things there are to do and see when a person visits the city of Rome, Italy, guess what one of the most common items on the agendas from people around the world happens to be. Most people who visit Rome want to visit Vatican City with the Sistine Chapel and of course the various other famous historical landmarks and city icons, and in-between stops they all want to enjoy a piece of pizza pie. It’s true, maybe not every single person, but the majority of people who visit Rome want to try the pizza while they are … Read the rest

Reconsidering the Tire Tread Penny Test

Posted February 26, 2010 By Richard Leo

For many years the penny test has been used as device to help gauge the wear of tires. This has come in handy for those considering that it may be time to purchase new BF Goodrich tires for their cars and pickup trucks. The way it works is that a penny is inserted into the tread of the tire with Abraham Lincoln’s head facing the tire. If the tread reached the top of his head, the tires were considered to be safe. However, the tires were in need of replacement if the tread was worn too much to reach Lincoln’s … Read the rest

SF Breath

Posted February 18, 2010 By Richard Leo

It’s been a dream to set foot in San Francisco for most of my life.  I understand that growing up in the NorthWest means that I’ve had ample opportunities all my life, too, but I never felt I had the right to act on any of these.  Things always got in the way.  There were work schedules to juggle, and then a kid, and somewhere in between there were all these other travels to Mexico.  Scholarly work dominated the days for many, many years, and it just didn’t make sense to pop in on the city by the bay, and … Read the rest