Virtual Demos: The Test Drive of the IT World

motor cycleIn a world that’s changing as quickly as the current one, it’s sometimes a mad dash to decide which common sense values are necessary to carry through from the last generation to the next one. It’s possible that the need for such decisions suggests hasty thinking, that just because there are rapid changes, it doesn’t mean that anything needs to be lost. In fact, because the technologies are capable of holding more and more information, people can leave the details to their computers, and keep every bit of common sense as a matter of course.

It was common sense a generation ago to take any vehicle or motor cycle on a test drive. It’s still common practice, but it’s also becoming more common for people to buy without taking this step, thinking they’ve already gotten all the information that they need. It might be true that someone who knows how vehicles work can know enough without the test, but it’s common sense to take that physical action. This is where the bread and butter of the thing can show themselves, and it’s very much like using virtual demos before making decisions about software solutions. Trying before buying is the one way to reveal how something really works, and how it works for the user. That’s common sense that doesn’t belong to any age, and is useful in all of them.

photo by: ronsaunders47