Technology and Baby Boomers

We’re all aware of the incredible advances technology has brought with it in the last twenty years. Most of the people who grew up in the 70s remember when their family purchased their first home computer. In addition, they didn’t have cell phones, which didn’t exist for individuals of this, generation, and earlier, until they were into their adult years. And for all of us that sprang from these earlier generations, we well remember when email first entered our lives, which for most of us was our introduction to the Internet. As as we see commercials on Youtube and other Internet sites, we remember commercials and various other ads were once available in print and on television only.

My how things have changed, this is a common phrase people use to describe the world that exists in their middle-aged years versus the one that they grew up in. And while it seems to happen with every generation, much the same as the youth seems to become more “out of control” every twenty years, it’s difficult to fully understand the incomparable difference between this world and that of twenty five years ago. This is perhaps something that won’t be understood for a few generations, and this has to do with the way in which we are socialized. One of the ways that technology has changed our lives is that many of us are awakened by our cell phones, which also have one or two messages waiting for us and we’re basically connected to them throughout the day. Never before in history has our population been so interconnected to technology and the effects it’s having on our daily related.

by Denizen24

With this in mind, it’s essential that we dinosaurs don’t become lost in the web. In a world where basically every daily need, minus those direct physical ones, can be attended online, it’s important to understand how this can interact with our lives. Most people, even those well into their golden years, have email accounts, and there’s even quite a few Baby Boomers who have accounts on Facebook and various other social service networks. Meanwhile, transitioning all of our payments, bank activity and other financial activities online is something that the younger generation will take for granted, while we from the older generations still feel ill at ease applying for cash advance loans on sites such as this, though in actuality, it couldn’t be easier or more safe.