Tech in New Cars: A Modern Selling Feature

While engineers continue to make dramatic improvements to automobiles in terms of performance capabilities and safety features, thanks to advances in mobile and information technology, the driving experience has never been better. In fact, the tech in new cars today is so innovative and advanced, you may be surprised by the automation and convenience they provide.

Enhancing the Driving Experience

Of course, many of the technological improvements and options that have been manufactured in recent years are designed to enhance the driving experience and promote safety. For example, thanks to GPS printed road maps, which can be difficult and unsafe to view while driving, are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Many modern cars can be purchased with a built in GPS, and portable systems are also quite affordable.

Not surprisingly, it hasn’t taken Bluetooth and cellular technology to be incorporated into driving. Not only are apps now available which allow you to start your car remotely via your Smartphone, but vehicles can also be equipped with voice activation systems that will call your friends or a store for you, hand free. Advances like these could dramatically reduce the number of accidents that occur due to people talking or texting on their cells.

In keeping with the increasing demands for a mobile workforce and global connectivity, many modern vehicles are manufactured with an in dash Internet capacity and USB ports for Smartphones and tablets.

Other high tech features that enhance the driving experience and promote safety include lane alert systems, parking sensors, and automated electronic stability and skid control systems. There are even sensors to monitor the condition of the wheels and brakes. In addition, thanks to services like OnStar, drivers can immediately contact emergency services or request information.

Entertainment Options

While much of the tech in new cars is designed to benefit the driver, there has been no shortage of advances in improvements for passengers. Many modern cars and SUVs can be equipped with rear-seat DVD players that allow people in the back to watch movies in hi-def! Of course, many new vehicles are also compatible with various video gaming platforms, so that the kids can enjoy playing games during those long drives.

If that wasn’t enough, some automobile manufacturers are offering split screen TV options; just in case one passenger wants to watch a movie and the other would rather play a game. Thanks to entertainment options like this, don’t expect to hear the question “are we there yet” quite as often.

Contributed by Ang Bren –  a guest writer who regularly contributes to blogs and websites on subjects related to sports, technology and society. He has also written for motorsports organizations and individual racers.