Suburbs in Southern California

When most people think about Southern California suburbs , they imagine Orange County and other LA suburbs. These communities thrive on their proximity to Los Angeles and access to valuable beach real estate. What most people don’t consider is the existence of other suburbs with just as much to offer, but which are lesser known and, therefore likely to be more affordable.

Those willing to look a little further south will find that La Jolla is just such a place. The real estate market here is full not just of beautiful homes to buy, but also great la jolla rentals for those who want to sample the community before making a permanent commitment.

While La Jolla is still in easy driving distance from LA, it’s real appeal lies in San Diego, which is one of the jewels of Southern California. San Diego has it’s fair share of gorgeous beaches and family attractions such as Sea World , Legoland, and the San Diego Zoo. It is also the home of a growing community of biotech and pharmaceutical research companies that are rapidly creating more high tech jobs and bringing a more educated population to both San Diego and La Jolla. The result is a growing emphasis on local education as well as rich development in museums, galleries, music, and theater in the area. All of which contributes to the appeal of this beautiful community that is still flying somewhat under the radar.