India’s $99 Android Tablet

For years tech companies in India have been claiming that they could one day produce a $100 tablet computer suitable for consumers — something powerful and useful — and it looks like that day has finally come. In fact, Lakshmi Access Communication Systems or LACS, makers of India’s affordable Android tablet have even beat out that previous $100 price goal by a whole dollar. According to After Dawn, the device will be called the Magnum Pepper Tablet, which certainly isn’t the best name, and will have 3G, Wi-Fi, 4GB of internal memory, a 4.3 inch display, and will all run on a 800 MHz processor. Clearly, the tablet’s specifications certainly don’t make it the best Android table on the market ,but for only $100 dollars or (Rs 5,000) it’s much better than most people expected. And as Hewlett Packard (HP) can attest can to after the recent fire sale of their tablet the HP Touchpad following a price reduction to $100, a good $100 tablet is practically guaranteed to sell. Any country would be lucky to have a well-built $100 Android tablet but in India – home to many of the tech hubs in the world – this tablet could be transformative for cities like Mysore and Bangalore. A company like Marlabs Inc which has offices in both Mysore and Bangalore, India  could one day see all of their employees with tablets.

On a related note, no doubt by releasing an affordable $100 tablet Android tablet, the mobile operating system market share of Android will no doubt grow. This growth is good news for any person or company that develops mobile applications like Marlabs as more and more people will be looking for quality Android applications as the platform continues to saturate the market. Additionally by putting Android tablets in more people hands that also means that there will be more people that will be motivated to create applications for Google’s Android OS themselves. What’s more, is that if the Indian market is saturated with tablet then it’s likely that the country may create even more tech hubs.