File Size Matters

We have all been there: you spend hours crafting the perfect presentation, finish merely minutes before the important deadline, and then realize that your file is too big to fit into an email. Unless you have a teleporter and a readily-available portable hard drive, this is a situation you do not want to find yourself in.

These days, many businesses revolve around large electronic files which they need to access and share. Presentations, reports, and website media content are usually guilty of being too large for e-mails. When time is of the essence, an efficient business would highly benefit from a large file transfer service. The service is in the form of a website which allows users to upload the content to the website and which then becomes accessible to other users.

Choosing the right large file transfer service is very important. First, you do not want all of your important, confidential, and personal files floating around all loosey-goosey on a website made by a computer science intern in Russia. For this reason, you have to make sure that the website is reputable and secure. Reputation is harder to check than security but you can start by asking other business owners which service they use or by researching reviews for large file transfer services. Look out for far-fetched and too-good-to-be-true claims, as these tend to be written by the service themselves. For security, stick to websites that begin with https, have the padlock symbol, or have “secured by” logo on the bottom from a well-known company.

Second, consider the ease of use and accessibility of the website. If you are tech savvy, think about the other users of the website. Would all of your business partners and employees be comfortable with the interface? Sometimes websites get so “techy” that only a select few people in the office know how to use it. If you need a degree from MIT to use the site, then it is probably not the best choice. Also, think about the click count. How many clicks and operations do you need to transfer your files? If it takes you half of the day to successfully upload a file, then you might as well drive over the big presentation.

Your files are important to you and your business so make sure they get to their destinations properly and securely by choosing the right large file transfer service.