Customer Complaints and Social Media

What role does social media play in customer complaints management?  Well, rather a big one!!  People are voicing their opinions online, often through social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.  If it’s a problem say with your product or the service they receive then that’s bad enough.  But there’s the added complication that this complaint is often shared amongst their entire community which could add up to a lot of people.  Hold on though it does not stop there!!  People receiving the information can reshare the information amongst their own friends.  Before you know it the original complaint has been passed around and the effect on your reputation has snowballed.

So should your organization invest in a program to monitor your brand and organization name?  Do you need to know all the things that people are saying??  Well its always a good idea to take part in any conversation when individuals have issues with your organization.  The problems lies in the fact that there is potentially an awful lot of information out there – and how do you find the information that is important?

The key is to focus on your customers – those that you want to hear from and that are important to you.  There has to be a real concern – not just a throwaway remark.  So if a complaint come from the customer directly to your Twitter account it should be taken as seriously as a complaint made by phone or via a web form.  Response should preferably be made by the same method as the complaint.  Therefore if the complaint is made via Twitter then the response should be made on the same platform.  If an in depth response is required then it can be taken off live via phone.

So have a strong social media presence and use a method of monitoring escalating mentions.  If this happens join in the conversation and pay attention to what people are saying.  If it’s a formal complaint via a social platform then treat it as you would any other complaint you receive.  Listen to what your customers say via your customer complaints software and respond accordingly.