Create a Web Presence for Your Business

With the growth and increased influence of social media in our world today, the most-effective advertising strategy that businesses, old and new should consider is having a presence on the web.

Think of this, there are over 6 billion people on Facebook alone and the other social media platforms have massive figures on them as well.

This shows that the leads market is currently on social media and businesses that take their brands online to connect with these leads will have a better chance of growing their reach and subsequently, their income, all things being equal.

Whether your company is new, old, grounded, or offline, your business should have a website where visitors can check your brand, products and services without anyone physically being there. The basics you will need to have your website set up are:

–  get a relevant and fitting domain name and reliable hosting provider for the website to ensure that there is no downtime.

– engage the services of a top notch web designer who can create a distinct website different from what everyone else has.

– get a professional content creator who knows their business to create relevant content that will connect, engage and offer value to your target audience.

– offer products and services of your business on the website for sale to generate revenue.

In addition, social media profiles from the different social platforms should be set up for your business to improve your brand visibility and awareness using social media.

The social media platform to go for will be determined by whether your target audience congregates there. If you deal in products and services, Twitter and Facebook are your best bet.

If your offers are visual and picturesque, consider Instagram. If your offers are in the form video guides and How-Tos, you can go for Youtube where videos of your business services can be uploaded for your audience’s viewership.

Consider a real estate investment company like, This firm is a perfect illustration of what physical and non-physical businesses should be doing. As a brick and mortar real estate business, they have taken things several notches higher.

They have a website which puts them on the web, have several social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus etc and offer a Real Estate webinar training for their prospects and customers.

In essence, JustinBillingsey will capture a lot more of the market than their competitors if put to a test. This is how businesses should leverage on the emergence of the internet to create a web presence for their business.

In addition, businesses can create more presence on the web by being listed on local search engine platforms and review websites where prospects visit to search for service providers. This option will provide a business with a source of organic traffic of interested prospects without any extra effort from it.

When your business has a website, has relevant social media accounts, is listed on local search engines and review websites and offers valuable products and services, it’s safe to say that your business will experience rapid growth in brand awareness, reach and income.